creating momentum building leadership communications for Fortune 100 companies to fast-growing startups.

I’ve always been a word-shaper and idea conveyer—all the way back to the stories I wrote for my junior high and high school newspapers. Then came a journalism degree from the University of Oregon, followed by a short stint as a reporter for KEZI-TV in Eugene, OR. That was a great experience that honed my interviewing skills, but Seattle beckoned. So I packed my bags, moved north, and — fortunate for me in that part of the world — landed squarely in tech marketing.

Ten years ago to now

In 2009, after working for several big companies and a global tech agency, I founded a full-service marketing firm serving clients in the technology and healthcare industries—my sweet spot. The more complex the subject matter, the more I get excited about making it crisp, clear, and compelling for audiences. And measurable. Because improving marketing KPIs creates all kinds of bottom-line goodness for my clients.

Today, I’m developing content strategies and campaigns around cool products, services, and discoveries like machine learning, artificial intelligence, all flavors of SaaS, pharmaceutical robots that travel hospital floors, breakthrough cancer therapies, and how mobile phones help keep business travelers safe. I’ve authored articles published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Clinical Pediatrics, and Puget Sound Business Journal (to name a few), and managed executive photo shoots and client stories in Newsweek, USA Today and Wired.

How I make a difference for you

My broad, deep experience producing content for health and technology organizations translates to a level of intuitive business listening and fresh-approach storytelling that will help you meet your business goals.


“Results happen when companies and leaders communicate at the right time, to the right audience, with the right message. The goal is to always move metrics in your favor."