SAP Concur Success Story

Identified Issue

Though Kim had served as interim CMO for SAP Concur for several months, and previously worked for Concur in a VP-level marketing leadership role (pre-SAP acquisition), her goal starting October 2018 was to quickly establish her executive leadership identity within the industry, across SAP executive leadership, and as culture and people leader throughout her multi-national marketing team.

Kudometrix results

  • Created and managed communication strategies including a branded executive blog series, eBook and social campaign about how mobile technology helps keep female business travelers safe; Kim’s internal, company-wide 2018/2019 presentations socializing the new SAP Concur brand messaging; quarterly business review presentations; and, keynote scripts for marque customer and partner industry events.

  • The blog series and companion eBook inspired a byline article (ghost authored for Kim) published December 2018 in Entrepreneur Magazine.

  • Her blog series ranked as one of SAP Concur’s most trafficked series (month to date), driven largely by SEO topical searches, with LinkedIn impressions, click throughs and digital inquiries outperforming other SAP Concur blogs across all blog topics.